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Welcome to our website. Browse these pages to learn more about Jewish Renewal and our community. Then, please join us for services so I can greet you personally.

Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community in Raleigh, NC welcomes everyone seeking to explore and renew the richness of the Jewish tradition through thoughtful spiritual experimentation in the aftermath of the past century’s devastating losses.

Our congregation is committed to remaining a synagogue-without-walls for at least three reasons:

  • to reduce our “footprint” on our beautiful Earth, as welcoming and appropriate spaces are already available to share;
  • to promote opportunities to partner with other faith communities, as we do, for example, with Beth Meyer Synagogue and the Chabad Hebrew School;
  • avoid burdening our supporters with the expense of building ownership.

Rodger Kamenetz calls the Jewish Renewal movement a powerful wave of inspiration rolling through the Jewish world – a wave that is rooted in Judaism’s prophetic and mystical traditions as transmitted through the teachings and practices of Hasidic masters.

Inherent in these teachings is a clear call to share more openly with followers of other faith paths and to learn new ways of understanding the particular contributions of our own religion from those diverse spiritual practices.

Yavneh deeply appreciates the generous support we receive from our hosts at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and we look forward to our mutually supportive spiritual evolution as we live into what Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the grandfather of Jewish Renewal, has named “deep ecumenism.” 

It is my honor as Yavneh’s rabbi to encourage open-hearted, experiential, and joyful spiritual exploration by individuals and our community, and to offer a safe environment for spiritual curiosity, holy chutzpah, devotional practice, and challenging study.

Please join us. We are creating a congregational home for all those who yearn for companions on their path, for support in their questioning, for trustworthy relationships grounded in our shared Source, the Holy One of Being.

L’shalom, a prayer for the blessings of peace and wholeness,

Reb Raachel Jurovics


NPR host of the State of Things, Frank Stasio, engages in dialogue titled "Building on Catastrophe" with Luke Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel, and Reb Raachel. Click here to watch.


Reb Raachel gives the invocation at the NC Moral Monday rally.  Check it out by clicking here (11:40 – 15:30)

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